RoboCat Token

Welcome to RobotCat

Robocat is an AI meme adventure token on the BNB Smart Chain, founded by a community passionate about crypto and decentralization.
Embark on a journey with RoboCat to discover treasured NFT gems and experience improved gameplay through AI upscaling and Procedural Content Generation (PCG). Explore AI-generated open-world environments and encounter intelligent NPC behaviors in Robocat, the ultimate decentralized gaming experience.

🚀 Explore the infinite possibilities of RobotCat

Experience the future with innovations set to change the crypto gaming landscape.
  • AI-powered gameplay using Unreal Engine 5
  • AI upscaling and Procedural Content Generation (PCG)
  • Discover treasure NFTs across the Robocat world
  • Use the editor to create land or personalized robots
  • Explore unique spaces and find NFT rewards
  • Submit original art for display in the Robocat world
  • Submit original art which other players can purchase in the Robocat world
  • Participate in concerts and build an interactive ecosystem
  • Invite NFTs from different communities to enter the RCT theme park
  • Build a new metaverse with other NFT communities
  • Oversee a self-contained territory to create marketing opportunities for events or groups
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